Who We Are

Our Mission.

Our mission at EverPet, to craft the best food for your pet, comes from the love and appreciation we have for our own beloved cats and dogs. We are devoted to helping your pets live healthy, happy and nutritionally balanced lives. With each and every product we produce, we strive to deliver a nutritious and delicious meal through wholesome ingredients, quality proteins, and robust food quality safety measures.

We are serious about Quality.

We believe our cats and dogs should have access to the same kind of quality nutrition that the rest of our family members do.
As a pet owner, you can take comfort in knowing that we apply the same standards of manufacturing to the dry food that you feed your pets as to the food you feed your families!

Long History in Manufacturing.

We understand the difference high-quality, wholesome nutrition can make in the lives of our own dogs and cats. EverPet Dry Dog Food, Dry Cat Food, & Soft Moist Treats are made at family owned manufacturing facilities in the USA, which have been crafting pet food for over 50 years.